We worship at 10am on sunday mornings at 233 N Appleton Street, Appleton. Worship is also streamed live from our Facebook page. We also gather at 7pm on Wednesday evenings for Midweek Services. The Men in the fellowship meet on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month and the Women meet on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays. We have no dress code and we have classes for kids from toddler up to Middle School. Services are typically about an hour and 20 minutes long and include some singing, a sermon, a chance to take communion and often an opportunity to participate or share. We don't pass an offering plate and we try to leave plenty of time for conversations and meeting people.

Seeking God

The Fox Valley Church of Christ is passionate about helping others to seek God however we can. We would he honored to study the Bible with you so that you can either begin your journey or continue your journey to seek God, to know Him, and that He may know you.

Below is a video introducing our Bible study on "Seeking God".  Please view it and consider reaching out to schedule an individual Bible study . We can't wait to meet you!

Download the Bible Study "Seeking God" HERE

The Word of God

We believe the Bible is “trustworthy.” Because we believe God is trustworthy and true, we also believe that his words are true and can be trusted. We believe the Bible we have today accurately records Jesus words and deeds, and that the later writers like Paul, and the earlier writers like Moses, got it right. And so we look to the Bible to hear God’s authoritative word delivered to us. 

The video below introduces our Bible study called "The Word of God" and the truth that we can know Him and know His will for our lives. We would love to share this truth with you. Feel free to reach out and schedule an indivudual Bible study.

Download the Bible Study "The Word of God" HERE


Jesus’ final instruction to His followers was “go and make disciples”. Jesus made disciples, the disciples made disciples and their disciples made disciples. Jesus’ method of making disciples was focused more on relationships and action and less on information and knowledge.  It’s important as followers of Christ to understand what discipleship is and what discipleship is not so we are able to fulfill the Great Commission.

The video below introduces our Bible Study "Discipleship" If you are interested in learning more about Jesus' call to be His disciple, please reach out. We would love to sit down and help you to know all that it means to follow Jesus.

Download the study "Discipleship" HERE

Sin & Salvation

The Cross &Repentance

The  Church

Counting the Cost

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